Professional Development

The Early Childhood Iowa Professional Development component group works to support the ECI system results by identifying a professional development system, any existing gaps in professional development and its delivery and determining how to integrate the system.

Group Responsibilities:

Professional Development

“Professional development is facilitated teaching and learning experiences that are designed to support the acquisition of professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions, as well as the application of this knowledge in practice.”


All system development activities shall be aligned around the following vision statement for the children of Iowa: “Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful.”

Early Childhood Iowa Professional Development

Professional Development consists of the formal education and training for early childhood professionals that supports and empowers them to improve the quality of services provided to young children and their families. Iowa’s Early Childhood Professional Development System unites the early childhood sectors of early learning, special needs/early intervention, family support, and health, mental health and nutrition. ECI is working towards a comprehensive system that integrates professional standards, career pathways, articulation, leadership, evaluation and financing.

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