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The Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) State Board is created to promote a vision for a comprehensive early care, education, health and human services system in this state. The Board's role includes providing oversight of state and local efforts. Responsibilities include strategic planning, funding identification, guidance, tracking, and reporting the data on the ECI Results and Indicators; advocacy; and public awareness of the importance of early childhood. The ECI State Board is responsible for system development and the funding streams for which they have authority. A full list of responsibilities can be found on the ECI web site, Iowa Board link.

Current members of the Early Childhood Iowa State Board include department directors for six state agencies, four legislators, and citizen membership. Citizen members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Iowa Senate.

Interested candidates must complete a gubernatorial appointment resume in addition to seeking a letter of recommendation from their local Early Childhood Iowa Area board. The gubernatorial appointment resume can be found at


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