Early Childhood Advocacy Toolkit

The Early Childhood Iowa Web site serves as a site to promote Iowa's system of systems in the area of Early Care, Health and Education.

Every day in Iowa thousands of young children and their families are touched by a program or initiative providing services in a community. Because of many efforts to build a structure for early childhood in Iowa, Iowa is becoming a model for early childhood programs. Your involvement as an advocate and a Champion for Children will ensure that communities continue to put children first! With this toolkit, we hope to identify new advocates, educate key audiences about early childhood issues and activate communities to support early childhood initiatives.

As an advocate, we ask you to get to know your legislators and Iowa’s legislative process; tell others about the importance of supporting initiatives that support early childhood development; and stay on top of current early childhood issues.

View the Advocacy Toolkit:

Part 1-Early Childhood Background
Part 2-Legislative Basics
Part 3-What You Can Do
Part 4-Lobbying Regulations for Non-Profit Organizations
Part 5-Media Advocacy
Part 6-Advocacy During Election Years
Part 7-Organizing Your Advocacy Efforts
Part 8-Early Childhood Resources
Part 9-Legislative Glossary
Part 10-Samples and Examples