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Early Childhood Iowa

Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) was founded on the premise that communities and state government can work together to improve the well being of our youngest children. ECI's efforts unite agencies, organizations and community partners to speak with a shared voice to support, strengthen and meet the needs of all young children and families.

It is believed that individuals in local communities working together can identify and implement the best means for attaining desired results. The role of the State is to be a partner to support and facilitate growth in community responsibility; not assume the directive role that the public has come to expect of government.

State funding for Early Childhood Iowa (and its predecessor, Community Empowerment) has continued since its inception. These resources allow local ECI boards to: expand home visitation and parent education; create quality improvement activities for child care and preschool providers, including professional development and training; increase the availability of infant, shift care and inclusive child care; and increase access to child care and preschools for children living in low income families.


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